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Why Choose 2e2s?

Elite Electronic Software Solutions or 2e2s is an emerging firm in the business field of Information technology. It is an Egyptian -Saudi-Arabian partnership established by a group of IT professionals and businessmen, with one sharp objective of capitalizing the efficiency of Information Technology Industry to serve various business industries in the middle-east and Gulf regions as a start. 
Primarily located in Cairo to serve the Middle East and Gulf regions, 2e2s intends to shortly expand its marketing area to compete in North Africa and Far East Regions as well. 

For the IT market needs have emerged, 2e2s has earlier plans to cope with such expansion as we intend to world-wide compete with other international vendors especially in the areas of e-business implementation and development. 2e2s is currently arranging the necessary procedures for establishing a group of IT subsidiaries to widely cover the different IT fields as well as different geographical regions. Four growing subsidiaries are being established to serve the following regions:

  • The Middle East and North Africa, located in Cairo.

  • Gulf, located in Saudi Arabia.

  • Europe, located in Sweden.

  • The Far East, located in Malaysia.

The Egyptian branch is planned to supply and manage resources and staff for the projects supervised by any of the rest of the branches. 

2e2s has a professional experienced team in a diversity of business fields and different enterprise environments. Our successful resources track record of experience in ERP consultation and training services makes us an enviable partner in any project. We look forward to forming a mutually rewarding relationship with our client.

Vision Statement:

To be the safest, most distinguished IT solutions Provider, relentless in the pursuit of client and employee excellence.


 Mission Statement:

We aim to provide the client with intelligent fit solutions according to his area of business, taking into consideration his ambitious expectations and his project budget as well! 

We undertake the mission to grant an integrated enterprise e-business solution including a bunch of related services:

  • ERP Applications Implementations.

  • Application Development.

  • Education.

  • Technical support.

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