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  Enterprise solutions


We aim at meeting the IT professional services and connectivity needs of the Enterprise. We provide enterprise infrastructure architecture and e-Business application implementations that meet your business needs. 
We have constructed a skilled and knowledgeable staff that can walk through the new challenges posed by the varying E-Business environment. Their value does not end with the solutions they provide; they can show and train your staff how to continue to be successful as well. We provide our private sector clients with scaled tailored e-business extensions as well as stand-alone designs fitting their business needs and industries, with great awareness of the government sector requirements. 

  Business process and Re-engineering division

We provide our clients with full business processes and workflows for their specific business cycles mapped on ERP applications and build the pre-implementation analysis stage and sometimes the re-engineering require matching and mapping new business process for our client. We are specialized in the Oracle Applications marketplace, providing leading expertise in Oracle’s all-in-one enterprise software, Oracle E-Business Suite.
2e2s implementation services also provide clients with high value and quality support and maintenance services by operating on a continually improving implementation model based on Oracle Application Implementation Methodology AIM on Oracle e-Business Suite environment. 
Handled by expert business consulting with full knowledge of Oracle applications, and according to the client essential demands, this activity covers the following services in Oracle e-Business Suite: :

  • Managing and monitoring oracle e-business suite implementation projects,

  • Managing re-implementation plans to maintain or upgrade prior instances.

  • Performing health check diagnostic reports.

  • Building business process and workflows mapped on oracle applications.

  • Carrying out System, Database, and Application administration tasks.

  Legacy System Migration

2e2s team understands how critical it is to adopt new technology and keep current applications in place. Legacy Migration is an opportunity to align business processes more closely with new IT capabilities.

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